Our Mission

Teach Them To Love (T3L) Outreach Ministries mission statement is to "Rebuild broken lives, restore lost ambition, discover hidden potential, cultivate undeveloped gifts, and turn liabilities into assets through preparing them in regaining a solid psychological and financial footing, and allowing them to re-assert themselves as leaders of families, and contributors to the community at large."

Our Services

Two of the most neglected segments of the American population are victims (women) of domestic violence and substance abuse. This organization will provide faith-based counseling, support services, stress management, conflict management, and relationship enrichment. We will also educate on dating violence prevention, chemical dependency recovery and prevention services. It is our goal to become a vocal advocate for victims of domestic violence and those suffering from substance abuse in the Central Texas area.

TX Dept. State Health Services TDOEP Facility Lic.# TXDOT Approved.

Outreach Programs

ALL Classes meet on Tuesdays and Saturdays

Protective Parenting

Domestic Violence
Counseling & Education

Drug Class

Anger Management
Treatment Program

Substance Abuse
Outpatient Counseling